A rapid increase in digitalisation is changing the energy trading industry. The historical practice of trading by commercial intuition, supported by limited analytics, is being replaced by more data-driven, machine-based trading, utilising algorithms.

Automated trading covers so-called decision algorithms that place orders directly in the market, execution algorithms that create orders in a management system for human traders to approve and more traditional supporting tools like automatic signalling, where human traders act on signals given by a computer.

SANIA Power is an early adopter of new technologies, including robotics and algorithms, and today we utilise all of the above solutions to increase our execution speed, heighten the quality of our decisions and reduce cost per trade. As an example, we can combine live data directly from a wind turbine or a solar panel with a vast amount of weather data, and based on this collective information, a decision algorithm can place orders in the market. This is done faster, more accurately, and at a lower cost than a human trader would be able to.