SANIA Power s.r.o. is a member of SANIA Group, a subsidiary and representative of SANIA Power AG (Switzerland) in Slovakia. The Company is a Central European Gas Hub (CEGH) member, and its memberships in the European Energy Exchange (EEX), and Central Eastern European Gas Exchange (CEEGEX) are being acquired.

The 5 years old SANIA Power s.r.o. is building a successful business in the trading of energy commodities. Its power and natural gas trading activities cover time-delimited markets from forward to day-ahead and intraday. The Company challenges market inefficiencies with international trade, moving energy from where there is more than needed to where it is needed most.

Through energy commodity trading, energy can be transformed in space, time, and form.

Note: Main energy commodities are electricity (power), natural gas LNG, crude oil, gasoline, heating oil, coal, and ethanol.

Using comprehensive data sets, analytical capabilities, automation and deep market knowledge, our company turns information and data into knowledge and knowledge into success and profit.

The market expertise, extensive market presence and 24-hour trading setup of SANIA Group help SANIA Power s.r.o. support its customers through tailor-made services for renewables producers, conventional assets, and energy suppliers.