In August 2023, we started to work on our three-year strategy, “LEVEL-UP", which aims for three commercial tracks: 

  • we strengthen our core business,
  • we focus our development, and
  • we foster innovation.

Short-term trading has always been at the core of our business, and in 2023 we strengthened our analytical capabilities, IT solutions, and specialist skills in our trading organisation. We also implemented a new Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) system that automates workflows and streamlines our processes.

With the ETRM system as the backbone of our infrastructure, we ensure a robust risk management that creates scalability and reduces costs per trade. This supports our ambition to strengthen our competitiveness in the energy market and prepare us for possible future regulatory requirements. 

Developing our business and changing with the markets is key to the success of SANIA Power s.r.o. All companies need fresh ideas and new perspectives, so we promote a climate where new ideas devised by our talented people can grow and where we can use our expertise and organisational setup to help accelerate new business from external channels.


At SANIA Power s.r.o., we believe there are vast opportunities for challenging, competing and repeatedly making energy markets more efficient. To seize these opportunities, we have defined a strategy and a company creed to steer priorities and guide our direction. 

The strategy builds on our strong short-term physical power and gas trading position. Combining our market in numerous European countries with our 24/7/365 market presence, SANIA Power s.r.o. has become a successful market player in trading and balancing energy. This enables us to maximise value for our customers and make energy markets more efficient for the benefit of society. We strive to be one of the companies that increase competitiveness in the energy markets and find new ways to trade as markets continue to evolve.


More specifically, the strategy has outlined three commercial tracks that steer priorities and guide the direction of the Company:

1. Strengthen our core – SANIA Power s.r.o. invests in strengthening its strong market position in short-term trading and building an even more competitive platform.

2. Focus on our development – SANIA Power s.r.o. gives priority to customers, markets, and activities where the Company makes the biggest difference and has a clear, competitive edge.

3. Foster innovation – SANIA Power s.r.o. promotes a culture where new ideas can grow from both internal and external sources.

Focusing on three commercial tracks, the strategy significantly improves SANIA Power's financial results with a more mature, focused, and lean business model. The Company improves its scalability and is well-positioned for further growth in core business areas, related services, and new markets.


With the three commercial tracks as a platform for profitable growth, SANIA Power undertook several new commercial initiatives as well as other initiatives to improve operational excellence in the last years:

  • Successfully entered new power and gas markets.
  • Established a dedicated automated trading team.
  • Development of an automated weather analysis system.
  • Implemented an enhanced risk management framework.
  • Implemented a new ETRM system.
  • Improved its renewables portfolio.
  • Expanded its presence and improved its deal flow in EU countries.


  • Defined competitive edge criteria with a clear focus and commercial prioritisation.
  • Enhanced governance procedures and approval process for new products and projects.
  • Successfully entered numerous power and gas trading markets.
  • Established a dedicated Algorithmic Trading team.
  • Enhanced target operating model, resulting in streamlined processes.
  • Implemented a new ETRM system, leading to improved scalability and reduced operating costs.
  • Implemented an enhanced risk management framework, maturing our governance framework and decision-making.
  • Implemented clear management principles.
  • High employee satisfaction rating achieved in the last years, placing SANIA Power among Switzerland's best places to work.


  • Revenue
  • Profit