In August 2023, the first year of our current three-year corporate strategy, “LEVEL UP", started. We kicked off the strategy; our ambition is to grow our business, successfully use the commercial opportunities, establish global trading activities, increase our share of automated trading and be one of the most attractive partners and workplaces in energy trading.


We need passionate, highly talented, knowledgeable people to develop our business and continue succeeding. Our firm commits to strengthen people development, foster our high-performance culture, and recruit the needed capabilities to support our growth ambitions.

Our financial results were not built on isolated events but rather on the robust and timely execution of our corporate strategy and our dedicated employees' tireless, continuous efforts across the entire organisation.


SANIA Power's business is and always will be based on our employees' talent, ideas, and hard work. Shareholders of the Company feel fortunate and inspired to be working together with such talented people, and they are proud that SANIA Power s.r.o. is one of the best workplaces on surveys of employee satisfaction. In 2023 and in the following years, we will continue our efforts to make SANIA Power s.r.o. an even better place to work for all our employees.


In the years that have introduced changes to conventional ways of working and put the work culture of many companies to the test, the people of SANIA Group have shown high motivation and responded with record scores in recent employee engagement surveys.

In the 2020 Covid situation, normal working life was turned upside down. As lockdowns spread across the globe, people worked from home, meetings were held online, and parents took care of their children and their jobs at the same time. Like the rest of the world, SANIA Power's employees were affected by the lockdowns and worked remotely for longer periods of time during the year. Fully equipped trading stations were established in home offices, and teams turned to online platforms for business meetings and social gatherings.

As a company that has grown strong in fast-changing energy markets, agility and adaptability have been a part of SANIA Power's business model and mindset from the very beginning. This mindset is important in ensuring high motivation across the organisation in unusual years – even increasing employee motivation to heights across all parameters measured in the engagement survey.


We continue to develop and expand our activities in short-term energy trading and related in numerous European countries. Highlights include:

  • Our Gas Trading team is expanding its geographical footprint by adding new European markets.
  • Our Power Trading team benefitted from a strong presence in Western Europe while strengthening capabilities in analysing weather data.
  • Algorithmic trading has been enhanced in our trading team.
  • Our team is preparing our core business for the opportunities and challenges of increasing automation and digitalisation in the energy sector.
  • We optimise a portfolio of renewable assets in several countries.
  • We successfully optimise our portfolios and deliver value for our customers despite challenging market conditions.
  • We expand our presence in EU countries through our four subsidiaries and substantially improve our deal flow.

As these highlights indicate, we strengthen our position across the entire business. All core business areas contributed to our financial performance, providing us with a robust platform for further growth.


SANIA Group companies are built on our employees' bright ideas and hard work, from traders to accountants, originators to meteorologists, software developers to dispatchers, and everyone in between. Working closely together as a unified team, all employees have an important role in making our company successful. 

We invest significant time and resources in maintaining high rates of people satisfaction and engagement. We do it through individual development plans, internal job rotation and an increased focus on setting clear targets and providing continuous feedback. Each year, we conduct employee satisfaction surveys, and in 2023 we measure the highest satisfaction and engagement rates in our company’s history.