We are proud of what SANIA Group and our Slovakian firm have achieved to date, but we also know that constant development is a prerequisite for accomplishment. To be one of Europe's significant and successful wholesale energy traders, we need to develop our business, invest enough capital, and stay on our toes. We will do that by continuously growing our people and by onboarding new talent that can supplement and strengthen our current capabilities. 

SANIA Power s.r..o., a member of SANIA Group, is well-positioned to compete in fast-changing markets. We are developing our trading setup, knowledge and market presence on numerous European markets and hubs to help energy producers and consumers manage the risks of volatile markets. Wherever there is a commercial potential to optimise the energy value chain, there can be a role for the companies of SANIA Group. We look forward to continue doing just that in the following years.


The new vision, “Trading for an efficient tomorrow", builds on SANIA Power's company creed and cements the Company's position as a trading company with aspirations to take part in the competition in the energy markets successfully.


In August 2023, SANIA Power s.r.o. set out to execute the first year of its ambitious three-year corporate strategy, “LEVEL UP". The strategy aims to advance the Company to the next level of energy trading by combining size and speed. 


SANIA Power s.r.o. is building a solid business model focused on short-term power and gas trading while offering energy market services to targeted customers. 

In September 2023, the company raises significant capital to finance the purchase of energy products, unlocking new growth opportunities. With the three-year corporate strategy, “LEVEL UP", SANIA Power s.r.o. aims to advance to the next higher level of energy trading. Over the next three years, our firm will deliver high results both financially and in terms of employee engagement by focusing on its core business, strengthening operational excellence, and developing a clear company identity. 

The new corporate strategy is called “LEVEL UP" because SANIA Power s.r.o. aims to advance to the next level of energy trading. With new high capital investment come new opportunities, and through “LEVEL UP", the Company will deliver a strategy that builds on its existing high-performance core business, explores new opportunities for growth and achieves the full potential of being a part of the European energy market players. 

“LEVEL UP" sets a clear strategic direction for the years ahead through five focus areas: two commercial quests and three business enablers. The corporate strategy aims to take SANIA Power s.r.o. to the next level by achieving these overall objectives. 



  • EXCEL IN CORE – By extracting value from trading price differentials across geographical borders and time-delimited markets, we aim to leverage our commercial strongholds in gas and power and strengthen our position in short-term energy trading
  • POSITION FOR GROWTH – To grow profit in energy markets with decreasing margins, we want to drive growth initiatives in new countries, products, and segments where we see significant business opportunities


  • DIGITALISATION – To remain competitive for the long term, we aim to improve speed and decision-making quality by increasingly applying advanced analytics, algorithms and automation in pre-trade, trade and post-trade processes.
  • RISK MANAGEMENT – By applying risk-adjusted performance evaluation, we want to make risk-informed decisions and ensure that risk capital is dynamically allocated to the business opportunities with the best risk/reward ratio.
  • PEOPLE & CULTURE – We need passionate, highly talented and knowledgeable people to continue succeeding. We commit to strengthen people development, foster our high-performance culture and recruit the needed capabilities to support our growth ambitions.

During the same three years period of “LEVEL-UP", energy markets will change, with gross margins tightening further. Hence, it is more important than ever to grow scalability and traded volumes by continuing to digitalise the business, strengthening the risk management setup, and attracting the best people.