SANIA Power s.r.o. is one of the European energy trading houses that is balancing energy by connecting producers, suppliers, and consumers to wholesale energy markets, creating commercial opportunities by rapidly responding to market needs in an ever-changing energy landscape.

The Company's core business is energy trading. During the past five years of our activity, we have built a successful business of trading power and gas across borders, moving energy from where it is plentiful to where it is needed most. We use our market knowledge, presence in several European countries and 24-hour trading setup to support our customers through tailor-made services, targeting renewable producers, conventional assets, and energy suppliers.

Our trading activities span different time dimensions from the forward market to the day-ahead and intraday markets. We use comprehensive data sets, strong analytical capabilities, and profound market knowledge to make informed trading decisions. We repeatedly strengthen our strong market position in short-term power and gas trading.


The European energy markets are changing rapidly. Renewables are becoming increasingly competitive, and new technologies are pushing the markets towards a new age of digitalisation. Responding to changes is part of the day-to-day business at SANIA Power s.r.o. We trade in the liberalised energy markets, and while markets change, our value proposition remains the same. 

In the Covid situation and in the times of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, SANIA Group companies demonstrate our ability to turn fast changes in the energy landscape into value when the Covid times and the war in Ukraine triggered high prices and high price volatility across Europe. 

Through our market access and portfolio flexibility, we are able to help address the market imperfections and balance the energy system during this period. Applying our balancing, hedging and optimisation products, we help energy producers and consumers manage market risks and benefit from fluctuating prices. 

Our parent company, SANIA Power AG (Switzerland) opened subsidiaries/representative offices in Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary to ensure proximity to customers and decision-makers. We are currently seeing opportunities to expand these activities in new markets and the new range of energy products.