Our parent company, SANIA Power AG, is a more than eight-year-old, Switzerland-based, rapidly growing energy commodity wholesale and trading business with in-depth specialisation in the European energy markets. It was created by managers from the European energy and finance industry, who had worked on large-scale energy sector transactions and brought the collective experience of significant investments. (www.sania-power.com)

SANIA Power AG is the main company and owner of SANIA Group.


1 SANIA Power AG Switzerland CHF 100‘000
2 enSwiss Energy Trading AG Switzerland CHF 535‘000
3 Sania Energy Trading a.s. Czech Republic EUR 100’000
4 Sania Power s.r.o. Czech Republic EUR  50’000
5 Sania Power s.r.o. Slovak Republic EUR 250’000
6 Sania Power Kft. Hungary EUR 100’000

SANIA Power s.r.o. (www.sania-power.eu) was founded with the aim to become a prominent energy trading business. It doesn't want to be the largest, only one of the best and most reliable European trading companies. SANIA Power s.r.o.is a Central European Gas Hub (CEGH VTP) member in Austria, one of Europe's leading gas exchanges-, and trading hubs. Our memberships in the European Energy Exchange (EEX), and Central Eastern European Gas Exchange (CEEGEX) are being acquired.

SANIA Power s.r.o. challenges market inefficiencies with international trade, moving energy from where there is more than needed to where it is needed most with efficiency and at the lowest possible cost. We are a rapidly growing short-term and long-term power trader. Trading across numerous countries in Europe, we process and analyse vast amounts of data every day, enabling our traders to optimise their strategies.

SANIA Power s.r.o. is one of the companies which bring competitive prices to the European gas markets. We trade 24/7/365 and constantly grow our market presence within natural gas. Our managers and traders are experts in short-term and long-term gas trading and optimisation of flows close to delivery.

We are active in the European energy market. With a population of around 747 million or roughly ten per cent of the global population, Europe is one of the world's largest energy consumers, where up to 10'000 energy trading transactions take place every day. The European energy industry has a bright future and provides excellent opportunities for energy traders. Our team continuously works on our future and develops our business to the next higher level.

Our firm's net sales value and profit are increasing dynamically. We aim to achieve a significantly higher turnover, profit, and market share in the following years.